A bicoastal competitive clay target team, the Main Line Trap Academy, practices through out the Philadelphia Main Line & has recently expanded into Reno, NV. Our youth program is designed to develop skills in clay target shooting with an emphasis on safety, teamwork, personal responsibility, and fun. MLTA is a youth development team for boys and girls in the 5th – 12th grade.

Our program of theoretical instruction has an exciting environment that is dedicated to our athletes; teaching several techniques of clay shooting, including Trap, Sporting Clays, and Olympic Trap. Our modular practices that are regularly held at partnering clubs, are designed for beginners through advanced clay target athletes. “Academy Days” and practices are taught by experienced Coaches, in possession of the important qualifications as governed by the respective National Governing Bodies.

MLTA is a team based youth development program for school aged youths which uses participation in the shooting sports to provide its participants with a positive, life enhancing experience. MLTA is designed to instill in them a set of personal values and character traits that teaches fair play, individual responsibility, sportsmanship, self-discipline and personal commitment – qualities that will serve them well throughout their lives and will be instrumental in helping each athlete reach their full potential.

The activities of MLTA, including the lessons and training, provide structure and guidance from USA Shooting. Our practices are specific, repetitive, and focused. MLTA athletes are distinguishing themselves around the country. Prize lists of our athletes success, demonstrate the validity of the Academy and the preparation by its Coaches. Our mission is to provide passionate youngsters the opportunity to train like professionals in a team environment. The coaches provide ongoing personal feedback on the mental and technical aspects of the game.



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