Joining MLTA

New members interested in shooting competitively, must fill out the Consent and Waiver, Medical Consent and Sportsmanship contracts in order to participate in any MLTA activities, including our practices. The registration forms must be on file with the MLTA and fees paid prior to an athlete participating in any MLTA sanctioned events. Copies of the completed forms will be held by the Head Coach.

New members may join the MLTA at any time during the Team’s season. However, they must attend six team practice sessions in order to be eligible to shoot in the State and / or National Championships.

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Student Status and Age Eligibility

All school age youths in grades 5 – 12 with the physical, mental and emotional maturity to participate in a team shooting sport are eligible to participate. Participants must be students enrolled in a public or private accredited school or enrolled in a bona fide home school program. Eligibility ends with graduation from high school or once a student reaches his or her 20th birthday, whichever comes first.

Academic Eligibility

All MLTA Athletes must make satisfactory academic progress and be deemed eligible to participate in extra-curricular activities as determined by school officials at their home school. Thus, a minimum 2.0 GPA is required for participation.

Competitive Divisions and Categories

Divisions and Categories are designed to allow participants the opportunity of competing on a level playing field with one another. Grade level in school and years of participation – not age – within a division are the criteria used. Home schooled students 15 years of age or older must compete in the Senior Division. Determinations are as of September 1st. An athlete who participates in more than one MLTA shooting discipline (trap, sporting clays, skeet, international trap) shall be classified by their most advanced classification in which they participate for any of the disciplines.

ATA / AIM Divisions

Categories (based on age as of September 1st) are established on the first day of the target year. The athlete’s individual category will remain the same throughout the target year for all events, awards and AIM Annual Teams.

Pre-Sub Age 11 & Under

Sub-Junior Age 12-14

Junior Age 15-18

Senior Age 19-23

SCTP Divisions

Rookie Division (Grades 5 and under)

Intermediate Division (Grades 6 through 8) Intermediate Entry Level (IE) Category – 1st year of participation in the Intermediate Division.

Intermediate Advanced(IA) Category – After one year of participation in the Intermediate Division

Senior Division (Grades 9 through 12) Junior Varsity Category – 1st year of participation in the Senior Division.

Varsity Category – After one year of participation in the Senior Division

USAYESS Divisions

Novice: 5th grade and below

Junior: 6th – 8th grades

Senior: 9th -12th grades

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